Circuit Pattern

Revolutionizing Cloud Deployments with Unikernels.

'Only On' Pricing.

No traffic, no usage, no idling fees. We only charge for when your service is processing a request or performing a calculation.


We tailor everything down to a custom kernel for your application: no performance compromises and a minimal trusted computing base (TCB).

Reduced CO2 Footprint.

The high-efficiency workloads require 70% less compute resources, do not work when idle, and overall require less servers to operate.

Fast. Faster. Fastest.

Your application is unmodified: KraftCloud works by transparently optimizing every layer underneath. You get acceleration without having to change how your app works.

We immediately scale to 0: No traffic, no usage, no idling fees.

Images are an order of magnitude smaller: fast transport, cheap storage.

Immediately auto-scale based on usage demand; run your CPUs hot.

Rich Application Marketplace.

We provide lots of pre-built, off-the-shelf cloud native applications and popular language runtimes tailored for seamless integration with the platform. Or build your own custom image.

Get started easily with apps which are performance-guaranteed.

Bring-your-own-code and use accelerated language-runtimes.

Convert existing serverless, dockerized apps without any hassle.

70+ Edge Locations.

We've partnered with world-class infrastructure providers to deliver a seamless edge network experience to further accelerate instant service access.

Get daringly close to your users.

Immediately replicate services based on locality-demand.

Dedicated edge location inter-connects.

Hardware-Level Isolation.

All service instances deployed to our edge locations are isolated directly by hardware-level ISAs. Compromised or malicious services are unable to exploit traditional system-level CVEs ensuring the safety and integrity of your application. Deploy to or away from specific edge zones and locations.

Heightened security protocols and hyper-local edge location choices.

Full-stack Dead-Code-Elimination (DCE).

Reduced attack surface and minimal Trusted Compute Base (TCB).

We're building the first edge platform capable of cold-starting services in under 20ms, utilizing 70% less compute resources, and hardening the baseline of essential services.

It is a gorgeous way to build lightweight and secure VM images.

Emad Heydari Beni

Bell Labs & COSIC

This has revolutionised our infrastructure — offering efficiency and scalability at a great price-point. It'll be a game-changer for all devops workflows.

Ludwig Trotter

Founder @ IfGive

Imagine running thousands of pods on K8s with just your app code and required libraries, like Alpine images on steroids.

Ali Khajeh-Hosseini

Co-Founder @ Infracost

Looks like the unikernel folks were on to something. Compute platforms are trending towards orchestrating micro virtual machines purpose built for running a single application.

Kelsey Hightower

Kubernetes DevAdv, Ex-Google

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... @libsqlhq server running with and cold booting in 30 milliseconds 🤯💎🚀

Pekka Enberg

Co-Founder & CTO @ TURSO 

My favorite unikernel framework.

Jonathan Beri

Founder & CEO @ Goliath

Get access to the only
Unikraft-Powered Cloud Platform

If you're running services using public cloud infrastructure, then you're already overspending on your deployments. Typical virtual service deployments are overpriced by as much as 50%.

We're on a mission to reduce cloud compute bills, increase performance and security.

Circuit Pattern